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“Dr Vincent, I felt the need to drop you a line to say, as always, a massive thank you for yesterday’s treatment.

With the next patient waiting around the corner, time restraints and my general inability to talk properly without dribbling (that’s not a general affliction!) it’s very difficult to get chance to thank you properly.

I awoke this morning with absolutely no discomfort and a glance in the mirror showed two perfectly reconstructed teeth that looked as though they’d pushed through overnight.

This paired with your understanding, patience and superb ability to calm even the most pathetic of grown men all mean so much – and to deliver all this knowing that most patients would rather be anywhere but on the reclining chair makes you the very reason I’ll always come back for more!”

Stuart, East Sussex

“I have been a patient at Station Road Dental Practice for over 20 years, my teeth and gums had not been looked at for possibly 20 years previous!! That has all changed since being at this practice. Here everything is so professional, all the staff and dentists are excellent!! The best in Loughton and probably Essex!! I have never had cause to be anything but very satisfied with the care and concern shown by all that work here. I can highly recommend this dental practice”

Ron Tear, Loughton

“I was a child of the 60s when the regular trip to the dentist bought about fears, tears and tantrums. I always brushed my teeth but every time I went to the dentist there was a lot of work to be done. It was awful. It was painful. It was distressing. It bought about a fear and dislike of any dentist and a reluctance to go.

In the late 1980s I found Station Road Dental Practice. They have always made me feel comfortable and welcome. Not just the dentist but the whole practice team. They understand my needs and my concerns..

I have had a lot of serious work done over the years, mostly to cover up my childhood fillings. Several root canals and crowns as well as extractions. I have sat in Mrs Vincent’s chairs for many hours. I have always been comfortable in the surroundings. I can talk to the dentist and the rest of the team. They explain what I need. They provide me with choices. They give clear advice about the cost. They are available for emergencies. They call me after a long chair session to make sure I’m OK. I don’t think the memories of the 60s dentists will go completely but I am much more relaxed now. Less nervous..

I would recommend the Station Road Dental Practice to everyone. I have only two words to add: Thank You.”

Russell-Buckhurst Hill

“Like Other reviewers,I Can’t Speak highly enough of this excellent practice. The service is professional and efficient but still friendly and reassuring as are all the staff who make a visit to the dentist a lot more pleasent.”

Mavis, Loughton, 18/07/2017

“I couldn’t rate this practice more highly. I’ve been with them for many years, but was misguided enough to leave for about a year, and a BIG mistake that was. However, I was welcomed back warmly, to my great relief.

I’m a nervous patient, but I find everyone goes the extra mile to put me at my ease. Nothing is too much trouble, and if you are looking for the best dental practice in your area, you need look no further.”

Sue, Loughton, 24/09/2013

“We have been patients at Station Road Dental Practice for over 30 years. All the staff are very efficient and friendly and are part of a very caring practice.”

Rita & Tim Everett, 24/09/2013